Who We Are

We are but mere mortals working towards a better Africa.

Operational since 2015, Adili Institute – is a think tank and research and development organisation whose work contributes to advancements in research and analysis with the prime mission of empowering local communities to understand policies and encourage demand for greater accountability from their leaders.
At Adili Institute, we work in partnership with local governments to provide relevant research on public sector management, public administration, policy and governance with the aim of improving accountability and public awareness in the nuances of good governance and how this affects local communities.
Our foundation is rooted in the principles of social justice, compassion, transparency and stringent accountability. We work with people with extensive knowledge, experience and proven record of work with rural communities to maximise the impact of our policy and development interventions.
Our research is rooted in a bottom up approach that places rural communities at the centre. Our work focuses on inclusivity of all perspectives in enquiries surrounding rural communities. We interrogate community challenges by focusing on both the root cause of problems and potential solutions, to create the ‘Africa we want’ as envisioned by the African Union Vision 2063.


In our work, we are governed by high moral principles, integrity innovativeness and stringent accountability;

Equity is valued as unconditional expression of social justice and a key to alleviating poverty and socio-economic inequalities.

We are commitment to the principles of universality and inclusiveness of the most vulnerable people while ensuring gender equity in the operations and outcomes of our interventions. By this, we strive to achieve long term sustainable quality service.

All our planned interventions and research are tailored with a strong analysis of possible unintended consequences.

Adili has a strong commitment to ‘Do no Harm ‘ principles. We are focused on working with all stakeholders by means of collaboration, implementation, advocacy and partnership to ensure these principles are met.

At Adili Institute, we treat dignity of the human person as sacred, inviolable, and as a fundamental right.

We are committed to lead social actions to eradicate dehumanising poverty, unacceptable living and working conditions, and unjust socio-economic, environmental, political and cultural structures.

All the interventions of Adili shall be tailored to be more acceptable, affordable, available, and accessible.

We recognize the inadequacy of budgets for public expenditure on basic services as a major problem which translates into increasing household’s financial burden through user fees, out-of-pocket payments, and other cost-recovery mechanisms.

Adili Institute is a national non Governmental organisation that believes in community involvement to enhance the saliency of behavioural change as a way of creating a supportive environment for their participation.

We seek to empower individuals, families and communities to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to take informed decisions.

Adili Institute works to promote good stewardship, transparency, stringent accountability and efficiency by use of sound systems that guarantee financial security which is indispensable in maintaining and expanding our long-term commitment to the most vulnerable people and our partners.