In Kenya Adili’s work focus on global health provisions, education, access to information, governance and democracy, grassroots conflict, peace and security, environment, agricultural production, rural community development and building sustainable communities.

Our works strives to create a bridge between programmes implementation that leave lasting and sustainable impact through research-driven policy advocacy that translates into programmes delivery.

Current Projects In Kenya Include:

In Kenya our education programme  focuses on ECD and post-secondary technical training.

ECD Training in Rural Schools

Adili is implementing training of ECD teachers in rural schools in Nyeri County. Currently, the project encompasses 15 primary schools in Aguthi/Gaaki Ward. Working in conjunction with the Nyeri County . The goal of the project is to improve the learning environment in early education  in already neglected public schools in rural Kenya  by creating holistic environments for children’s learning and development.

Our ECD project seeks to:

  • To refurbish EDC classes in rural public schools to standards stipulated by Kenya County Early Childhood Education Bill, 2014
  • To empower the local communities to take ownership and maintenance of ECD resources in their community
  • To build the capacity of the teachers in rural public schools by making them better innovative trainers able to use existing mechanism and access resources to acquire learning materials necessary to execute their professions better.


Post-Secondary Technical Trainning.

Adili believes that post-secondary, technical training offers a real opportunity for youth to gain economically viable skills that allow them to make a living and a valuable contribution to economic  development.

Adili working with the with county governments to support local technical training centres in curriculum development and strategic planning. Current project includes work with three Technical Training Institutes.

  1. Gichira Vocational Training Centre
  2. Ithekahuno Vocational Training Centre
  3. Gathaithi Vocational Training Centre


Adili Talks:

We work with women, youth and  rural communities to provide a platform for self-expression and a safe space to discuss social norms and challenges.

Women’s forums:

‘Haba na haba hujaza kibaba’ is a Swahili saying meaning ‘a little from here and a little from there fills the tin’.

This is the essence of Adili Women’s Forums. Encouraging local women to come together and find sustainable local solutions to local problems.

We support and work with Gichira women’s village forum in Nyeri county. The women meeting on the 20th of every month represent over 200 households in the village and has over 300 members. The women’s forum provides social support and a safe space for women to discuss their challenges and find communal solutions.

Sanaa Kijijini:

Sanaa kijijini  (Theatre in the Village) is our youth engagement programme working with the youth through community theatre.  Engaging the youth in civic education and social critical thinking through theatre. We encourage community theatre as a tool for behaviour change communication (BCC) amongst the youth.

For concerns about the environment to be acted upon in any meaningful way that is sustainable, local communities must have a complete state in the efforts. We work to integrate a communities need to utilise environmental resources with the need to conserve and take care of the environment for future generations through community-based conservation  approaches.

  • Working with women groups in Nyeri to improve livelihoods
  • Support conservation agriculture efforts in rural communities

Adili is working with women’s groups to improve farm inputs without destroying the environment. Training women in conservation agriculture methodologies that preserve soil quality, moisture and fertility.  We encourage the planting of trees that are compatible with food production in an effort to balance the communities need for increased food production and reforestation.