Environmental and Agricultural production

The link between the environment and agricultural production in Africa cannot be understated. Adili is working with communities most affected by environmental factors primarily relating to agricultural production to find lasting and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.  We prioritise and encourage community lead interventions in better management of environmental resources.

We are also working towards fostering sustainable livelihoods by encouraging communities to plant more drought-resistant crops to fill food gaps caused by ever-increasing prolonged periods of drought.

We work to create synergies between the need for environmental protection and  biodiversity by empowering  rural communities to become stewards of their own environment and natural resources.

Our work advocates for:

  • Increasing access to agricultural technologies,
  • Promotion of concept and practice of sustainable agricultural productivity
  • Promotion of value addition and processing,
  • Diversification of house-hold income by enhancing the marketing skills of rural communities to market their produce
  • Advocating for promotion of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Mobilisation of cooperatives and community-based organisation

This aims to increase agricultural production based on the rising population.