Working to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 in addressing disparities in education between urban and rural communities in Africa. Adili’s Education programme focuses on education central to Early Child Development and in post-secondary education in technical training.

Adili supports governments and education stakeholders to refocused efforts to improve the quality of education at the entry-level and at the end of formal education post-secondary in technical training.  At the entry, Adili believes children in rural communities are more likely than those in urban centre to lag behind in reading and mathematics due to poor investments in education.

Our commitment to education is warped around the need to increase access to education. We work to remove barriers to universal primary education for all children, providing alternative education system for nomadic communities and non-traditional students such as the adults and giving children in rural communities a better start in education by advocating better investments in early childhood development. Working with partners, Adili is working to improve training for teachers working in Early Child Development (ECD) in Nyeri and Makueni Counties supporting more than 20 primary schools.

In Nyeri County, Adili is working with the County education office to strengthen the impact and reach of three Technical Training institutions in Aguthi/Gaaki ward of Tetu sub-county. Adili believes more investments in technical training are not only important but a necessity to train and absorb African youthful and unemployed population.

Working with local governments, Adili is committed to identifying the multi-faceted challenges faced by the youth in the attainment of viable post-secondary training. We believe that technical training institutions have a viable role to play in providing skills necessary to secure jobs for the future and encourage youth participation.