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Our Governance

Our governance structure includes but is not limited to;


The Board of Directors

Adili Institute has a board of directors composed of five voluntary members elected and appointed by the subscribers in a general assembly. The board of directors provides oversight in management and policy matters.


The Annual General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest authority of Adili’s governing body. The general assembly is held once a year by all the members who subscribe to the constitution of Adili. The annual general assembly is headed by an elected Chairperson. The General Assembly approves policy reviews and constitutional amendment elects and or dismisses the Chairperson board of directors and oversees overall operations of the organisation.


Executive Coordination Committee

The Coordination committee of Adili Institute is a five-member Operations management team, headed by an Executive Director

I. Executive Director

II. Operations Manager,

III. Finance &Admin Manager

IV. Procurement supply manager (PSM)

V. Quality Assurance & Best practices Manager.

The team oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation, directs activities and makes decisions on behalf of Adili inter alia