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Our work revolves around achieving self- reliant, sustainable and peaceful rural communities. We believe supporting public sector actors and in particular local governments in identifying priorities and planning for them through informed research driven policies that leave the greatest impact on communities where interventions occur can achieve this.
Our commitment is to public service that ensures the dignity of every human person as stipulated by the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights.
We believe that sustainable peace in Africa is possible with political will, good public policy frameworks and institutions.
We believe that good research, policy and analysis could provide the bedrock for this by encouraging transparent partnership between national and local governments with grassroots community interventions by civil society organizations and development partners.
We accomplish this by mobilising communities, influencing policy formulations, forging partnership with local government, while linking community interventions with civil society organisations and development partners.
We are a think tank that focuses on getting results and not just the fine print.